Hiatus Announced

Hello, fellow simmers and romance fans (if any are following for that purpose.) I just want to bring you up to date on the blog and myself very quickly.

I am taking a planned posting hiatus for January 2020, mostly so I can begin my planned re-writes of Generations One and Two. I’m anticipating this will take some time to complete, but I am hoping to publish Generation One in its entirety in January.  The rewrites are in very rough draft form, but I found my original gameplay notes, so I have some foundation to work with. Fingers crossed on this huge undertaking.

Second, I am obviously not going to be finishing Generation Five any time soon. Danae and Andy’s stories have been incredibly fun to write, and I’m not even close to drawing this to a close. That said, Elyse’s story is currently in development, along with Eamon’s and the… new Murphy munchkins! They are born in the game, but not in the story, but I promise that the storyline will not be left hanging until February. I am planning one last chapter before the end of the year, and I’m working on that this weekend without fail.

I am available via email, Facebook, Twitter or by inboxing me on this blog. As always, I welcome your comments, kind constructive criticism and a friendly word of encouragement. This project is a labor of love and has taken a good part of my past year. I’m having the time of my life writing my stories for you. I hope to see all of you in the new year. 

The Story Shifts!

Hello everyone!

I am excited to begin a new adventure with the Jones girls (Darcey & Danae) and their families as they move to Isla Paradiso from their hometown of Starlight Shores. This is the first move since Destiny Farmer moved from Appaloosa Plains to the Shores at the beginning of Generation Two.

If you’ve been following the stories for long, you’ve discovered that one of my favorite worlds to write about has been the beautiful Caribbean-inspired island of Isla Paradiso. The storyline has been stale in the Shores really since the Estevan debacle in Gen 3, and it was time to shake things up a bit for Andy, Danae, Clint and Darcey with a whole new save game, new Townies to meet, a new job (in the story) for Andy and a career change for Clint (from LEO to game design. For the first time since graduating from Sim State, Clint will actually use his technology degree!)

For now, I am planning a month or so hiatus at the conclusion of Generation Five to continue to develop my ideas for the Generation One rewrites. That project has been slow, because I am having difficulty finding my notes from my original game play. If I cannot find them, I will go back and recreate my game using an old save file.

What will the hiatus mean for the beginning of Generation Six? I am not anticipating the Five and Six storylines will overlap much, if at all. Danae and Darcey are older parents, having started with their main story almost halfway through their young adult cycle in the game (They are significantly younger in the stories.) I am not anticipating the twins will enjoy the same benefits their parents and grandparents did. I don’t see Danae and Andy living to see their grandchildren born, and the same for Darcey and Clint. That said, Elyse and Eamon are still toddlers in the story, and Generation Five still has a lot of life left to play.

I hope you are enjoying the generational saga that has become the Farmer Legacy. We’re almost halfway there. Thanks for sticking with me, and let me know your thoughts, feelings and ideas in the comments.

From the Author

Hello everyone! I hope y’all are enjoying the continuing saga of the Farmer Legacy, now well into its fifth generation. As the blog becomes more and more popular, I find myself wanting to revisit some of the stories from the prologue and first generation, starring Charlie and Frannie, and of course, Penny.  As time allows me, I plan on expanding their story, making them more detailed and (as my husband would say) long-winded. I hope to be making these changes within the next few months, and it will be slow, as I have to go  back and read some notes from my early days of game play.

Until then, stay tuned for the continuing story of Danae and Andy, and the completion of Charlotte and Travis.

Generation Five

Hey everyone! I have some news regarding Generation Five. The twins, Danae and Darcey, are now officially young adults in the game, which means… their stories are coming shortly! Because they are identical twins, their stories are written as one. I’m sure neither of them would have it any other way!

Devin is now officially a teenager, and is almost the spitting image of his daddy, Travis. I won’t know for sure if he will stay with that strong resemblance, or if he will lean more toward Charlotte by the time he is an adult. We will see!

For those of you who do not follow our Facebook page, I will post the photos (read:Screenshots) of the Generation Five actors, in all life stages, below.

I sincerely hope you are enjoying the stories, and as always I welcome feedback, comments or questions at the end of each post. I feel like the Jones family is my own, and I will miss Charlotte and Travis when it is their turn to meet the Reaper.

Without further ado:

Danae Elizabeth Jones

Darcey Isabella Jones

Devin Rogelio Jones

Thanks again for reading, and for allowing me the chance to share the combination of my two passions: The Sims, and writing. I’m thankful for the opportunity and the resources to do both.

Thoughts About Generation Three

The conclusion of Generation Three, with Bella and Rogelio St John, has been published, and I thought I would share a few thoughts about the chapter, and about Bella and Rog as a whole.

Rog & Bella have been the most interesting of the families I have written about yet. In many ways, they might be the peak of what this legacy will look like, though I admit I never know in advance which way the story will go. Bella’s early relationship with Estevan Best was actually very rocky in the game, and with his “Mean Spirited” and “Evil” traits, he became the natural antagonist in this generation. His craziness was offset with Rog’s happy-go-lucky nature, and his fierce love and desire to protect Bella. Often, when I was writing, I’d run into a snag with a story line, and I would have doubts about taking the story in the direction I was writing, so I would write an alternate ending, or path. Usually, my original plot was more interesting than the rewrite, so I wound up keeping it.

If I said their in-game deaths weren’t devastating, I’d be a big ol’ liar. Rog’s death tore me up, and Bella’s death the following sim day was equally horrible. I was attached to them and their story, so I am hoping that I did their final days some justice in the last chapter. I, like Bella, was not ready for them to go.

I hope you have enjoyed the stories up to this point. There is a lot more coming, with Generation Five growing up faster than I can say “Sul Sul.” Charlotte and Travis still have much more to live, and their beautiful children have their own stories to tell.

I look forward to sharing this passion, my heart, with you. Enjoy!

Another Farmer Legacy First!

Travis, Charlotte’s doting husband, has an interesting, somewhat checkered past. If you’re wondering about him, wonder no more! The story of his life before Charlotte is now live.

This chapter is a first, because he is the first non-blood related Sim in the story line to have a back story. Many of the things he does and says are guided by his past experience. How he loves, his views on parenting, and how he treats his own in-laws. It also contains some uncomfortable scenes between him and his overly controlling and notoriously crazy mother, and concerning what happened to his first love. Be warned, some of it may be difficult to read.

I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it! Happy Simming!

The Game Throws A Curve Ball

Hey, it’s me. I wanted to let you know that the release of chapter five in G4 will be a little late, as I’m doing a Farmer Legacy first… a sub-chapter. The game, I noticed this evening, has thrown the St John family a bit of a curve ball, and a plot I never could have predicted, which necessitates the addition of Chapter 4.1 in Generation Four.

I anticipate some problems getting through this sub-chapter, but it won’t be a long one to read. It does, however, change the trajectory of the story line to a point. I’m hoping to have this done by the weekend, and back on track with the normal stories early next week, hopefully with no more problems!

Stay tuned!

Generation Four Almost Ready!

Hello simmers! I know we are still in high gear with stories from generation three, but Charlotte will be graduating from high school soon, and we know what that means… Generation four will kick off shortly! I am going to introduce the children officially like I did with the three girls in generation three, and then continue on the with obvious heir. Be prepared for some reading, though. Charlotte’s story isn’t finished, and I’m already 12 pages into it so far (for reference, Bree’s story, which was the longest for 3, went only 9 pages!) I am leaning towards one over the other, but you won’t know until you read for yourselves! (Don’t you love a good mystery with some suspense?!?) This will also be different because Bella and Rog’s story will run concurrently with the opening of generation four.

Each generation becomes more and more of a surprise, and I get more and more attached to them as I plod along. I am so excited to share these two wonderful kids with you, barring any more oopses from Bella and Rog!

Also, if you haven’t heard, we have a new Facebook page, where there are albums of screenshots from each generation, so you can put faces with the names. I haven’t dedicated much of the game and story to screenshots, BUT!!! There is a video posted on our Facebook page that I did, starring Destiny and Arthur, to a song by a great Swedish band called Smash Into Pieces. Give it a watch and I’d love your feedback!! Dont forget to like our page to get every update and new chapter!!

Stay tuned!

About Generation Three

Hey everyone!  Generation Two is quickly coming to an end (sad face!) and there will be one last chapter in the story of Destiny Farmer coming shortly. However, because she and Arthur had three girls (one by total accident, as happens sometimes in real life) and I figure people will be interested in their stories to a point where one is the obvious choice to continue the legacy, I have three long chapters, one for each daughter.  I realize that they are long, especially the two oldest girls.  Bianca, well, she hasn’t been around in the story as long as Bree and Bella, figuring about 15-16 years between the youngest and oldest.   At the time of Arthur’s death in Chapter 9, Bree was 4 days from being an adult (as opposed to young adult) and Bianca was just getting ready to graduate from high school.  This would be consistent with the 15-16 year age difference between Bree and Bianca.

Anyway, that’s the story with the girls.  Generation three will continue with the chosen heir shortly, so stay tuned for the end of Gen Two and the rest of Gen Three.