The Farmer Family Legacy

A couple of years ago, I began one of many previously failed attempts at a Sims 3 “Legacy Challenge,” except this one was different. The Farmer legacy caught my imagination in a way I hadn’t expected, and in the furthest recesses of my mind, a backstory started to form. I kept notes during game play and then wrote about the founder, then named Faith, in a Word document meant only for my eyes.

Fast forward to about September, 2017, when Hurricane Irma was bearing down on our city. During preparations, I acquired a new smartphone and in the process of transferring files I discovered the old Farmer story I had started. As I went back and read, I found myself wishing I had kept the game file with Faith and her family. I started to write the prequel to Faith and her generation story, which is where this new journey begins.

Faith was always intended to be my first, or founding generation, but the story of how she came to be is one worth telling. In truth, I always loved the Sims 3 franchise the best. The expansion packs released, with the exception of two, make it perfect for machinima and storytelling. Unfortunately, the Sims 3 game, because of its open world play-style, bogs down with its heavy use of memory and processor resources. In addition, the Sims 3 has always been plagued with buggy little glitches that are sometimes funny, but almost always the reason why a Legacy Challenge would fail, at least for me. Usually, as a game would progress, it would eventually become unplayable from errors, crashes and other assorted gremlins that EA/Maxis never bothered to troubleshoot.  But, thanks to the hard work of script and mod writers like Twallan, the Sims 3 is running smoothly. I could have never played this family for as long as I have without his brilliant mods. They are a game changer, for certain.

So I thank you for coming this way and reading about my favorite Sim family ever. Comments are always welcomed after each episode, and I look forward to replaying my Farmer family and sharing their lives with you.