Dedication & Acknowledgements


Years ago, when I was much younger, I had started a book based on a dream I had as a teenager. I had quite a few chapters of it written, but somewhere in the transition of life, I lost the manuscript. I never was able to recreate it, but I was okay with it.

When the idea for this blog was hatched two years ago, and all I had written was the prologue, I took the story to my mother, who at the time was an avid reader. I told her how I came up with the idea, and she was more than familiar with the Sims, and she knew I was going to be a lifetime fan of the game. So, she was curious to hear how I was going to combine my love of writing and The Sims together into one wonderful project. As I read her the rough draft of the prologue, her eyes widened. “You wrote this?” she asked, and I said I had. She told me she would love to hear more of it, and so she was my main inspiration to write.

With every chapter, every storyline, I read to her. Her eyes, mostly blinded with macular degeneration, wanted to see, but she listened with great interest. And she always asked, “Are you still writing your stories?” And I’d always answer, “I am.”

When she passed away, I took a break from writing for a while. I had only a few of the chapters up, and I became disinterested. Then, I remembered her words of encouragement. “You should write them, Wendy,” she said. “You’re a good writer.” So, I returned to this project, her words in my ears and her love in my heart.

So, this blog is dedicated to the memory of my mother, Jane Londona. For her love of reading and a good, sappy romance story.


I would like to acknowledge the one person who has sat with me through this whole process, the person who has heard every chapter of this saga, brainstormed with me, given me strength when I want to just walk away, and has loved me through every step. That person is my husband, my life partner, my soulmate and the love of my life. Thank you for your inspiration, John. I love you to the moon and back.

Also, a special shout out to Bee, from Poses By Bee, for the fantastic labor of love she does in making Sims 3 poses for us storytellers. Her poses and the Pose Maker for the Sims 3 have taken my screenshots to a ‘whole ‘nutha level’, so to speak. My sincerest thanks to you! I take absolutely zero credit for any custom content featured on this blog. I am nowhere near talented enough to make such beautiful things.

One last acknowledgment goes to Twallan, of NRaas. He and his team of merry modders have developed game-saving mods and fixes to address many of the bugs that EA/Maxis never bothered to fix, for whatever reason. It is because of Twallan that I have been able to play this story for as long as I have. Thank you again for saving my game, and my sanity. You have my undying gratitude.

A list of pose artists that are frequently featured in my stories and screenshots:

Zhippidy, at Zhippidy’s Custom Poses
Spladoum, at Mod The Sims
k2m1too at Mod The Sims
Skylar Arden, at Skylar’s Sanctuary

Any others that do not appear here will be credited individually at the end of each chapter.

I have so much custom content from all over the Internet, and couldn’t possibly list each artist individually for each chapter. That said, here is where I go to find the bulk of my custom content in my game:

The Sims Resource
Mod The Sims
Around The Sims 3

Additionally, I am listing Custom Content here that I routinely use, including hair, necklaces, earrings.


Fran’s and Destiny’s Hair (Gen One & Gen Two) Nouk’s Long Wavy Hairat MTS
Bella’s Hair (Gen Three) RoseSims Hair set 010-2  (Rose no longer does CC, so the link is for the “booty” site.)
Rog’s Hair (Gen Three) “Loose Curl” Included with Midnight Hollow @The Sims 3 Store
Charlotte and Danae’s Hair (Gen Four & Five) PeggyZone #66 Fairstead Sims Retexture
Darcey’s Hair (Gen Five) SkySims Hair 193
Andy’s Hair (Gen Five) “Fins Out”at The Sims 3 Store
Danae’s Long Braid Hairstyle Peggy July’12 Gift by Anubis 360
Elyse’s Hair (Gen Six) Agustin Kate Hudson’s Ponytail by Anubis360 at MTS


Charlie’s Dog Tags (Gen One) by NataliS at TSR
Fran’s Cross Necklace (Gen One) by Severinka at Sims By Severinka
Danae’s Phoenix Necklace (Gen Five) by Severinka at Sims By Severinka
Danae’s Heart/Pearl Necklace (Gen Five) by Severinka at TSR
Darcey’s Heart Necklace (Gen Five) by Severinka at TSR

A blanket “Thank You!” to every artist on those sites who have dedicated countless hours and their talents to make The Sims 3 a better game. My humble appreciation to you all.