A Quick Update!

Hello everyone!

There is a LOT going on behind the scenes here with still more to come. So, I’d like to take a few moments to bring y’all up to speed with the Farmer Legacy, the fresh look and new format!

First order of business is the anticipated Generation Two rewrite launch. I’m very close to bringing the prologue for Generation Two to “print,” so to speak. Because of the time span it covers, I’m expecting it to run longer than a regular chapter, but I promise you… it’s worth it. Like Generation One’s Chapter Fifteen, Part Five, this one is written in the first person point-of-view, but this time, you’ll be getting to know Destiny Farmer a little better. She, too, has a story to tell—one with hard-learned lessons, trials, triumphs, and lots of change.

Second, I’ll be revamping the welcome/landing page soon! The format will stay unchanged, and it will remain an index of each chapter by generation, with the chapter titles. I will retake and post new photos for Generation One, and update Generation Two as Destiny continues her journey to stardom, marriage, and motherhood.

You might also notice the links for Generation Two are now… gone! It means what you think it means, but the Gen 2 prologue might be a day or two late. Though we were not in Hurricane Ida’s direct path, we had some rain, and with it pressure changes that wreak havoc on my body. Saturday this past weekend was spent in more pain that I would have liked, and my productivity hit a standstill. For this, I apologize, but things like weather are out of my control. However, it is coming before the weekend, of that I am sure. I want to ensure the stories are the best they can be. Therefore, each one takes longer.

Though Chris will continue to edit the blogs when he can, he is starting another endeavor soon and will not be as available as he has been over the past year. His brilliance, however, will still be very visible here. I wish you the best of luck, my sweet friend. We’ll see you here and there. Sayonara.

Stay tuned! Good things are around the corner!

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