G5 Chapter Twenty Nine – The Courtship of Trixie and Aaron

Author’s Note: This chapter is another Farmer Legacy first in that this chapter focuses on several secondary characters and very little on Danae and Andy. I have been excited to bring this extra to you, so without further ado, I present… The Courtship of Trixie and Aaron!

This chapter contains adult themes and sexual situations. Reader discretion is advised.

Trixie awakened feeling different that morning. The sun still rose in the eastern sky, the children had school that Monday morning, their last week before the Snowflake Day holiday and the new year. Danae had told her to stay in bed, that she would care for the children. But she was bursting with nervous energy and got up anyway. She walked down the steps to the kitchen where Danae sat, already sipping her second cup of coffee.

“Good morning, Trix,” Danae greeted her. “You’re up early for someone who is supposed to be sleeping in.”

“Yeah, here’s a funny thing. I’m so nervous that I can’t sit still. Is this normal? I’m not usually this scattered.”

Danae chuckled a bit. “You remind me a lot of myself when Andy and I got together. I was a wreck for the first week or so. Relax, Trix. Aaron is one of the easiest guys I know. You’ve got this.”

“What if he doesn’t call? What if I dreamed this whole past weekend, and he doesn’t really even know who I am? I mean, it wouldn’t be that weird, would it?”

Danae belly laughed. “You don’t even need coffee today. You’re wound tighter than a drum. Why don’t you go get prettied up at the salon? Maybe it would make you feel better. We can do your dress when you get back home.”

Trixie continued on, completely disregarding Danae. “I’m overthinking this whole thing, Nae. But I know why. I feel different with Aaron than I have with any other guy I’ve dated. I feel like there is more at stake.”

“I know exactly how you feel. Like I’ve said, my life before Andy was a mess. Meeting him was my game changer. Like how you think of Aaron right now.”

“Thanks, Nae. It helps to know what I’m going through is normal. Let me grab some breakfast and we can play dress up.”

“Oh good! This is the fun part!” Danae squealed. “Come on, Emm, get some pancakes, honey.”

“Coming, Mama!”


Andy’s first day back from vacation was rough. His desk was piled high with public relations inquiries, he had pressers to schedule and one last away game to book before the end of the day. Aaron knocked on his door the first chance he had.

“Murph, how’s your first day back?”

“Rough.” Andy pointed to the stack of faxes and mail. “How was your non-date with Trixie last night?”

“I have a good feeling about her. We have… would you call it chemistry? I’m not sure. I do know she’s different than any other woman I’ve dated. She isn’t interested in the money.”

“Can I tell you a secret, Aaron?”

“Please do,” he replied.

“Trixie is a sweet, sensitive woman who has had way too many men dump on her. And I think you are exactly what she needs. And she is what you need, too. I know you miss Wyatt. Shoot, I do too. But this is a chance for you to settle down with someone who doesn’t have four paws and fur. You know what I mean, buddy?”

“Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking with that stupid puppy. Maybe I’ll give it to a young kid for Snowflake Day. Maybe your young kids.”

“You’d better check with Nae before you saddle her with a dog. I know when the Icky saga happened we were considering a dog, but that time has passed, and Icky is a memory.” Andy wouldn’t actually mind a puppy for the kids. But he knew Danae would need to handle the lion’s share of the work.

“Well, I didn’t come here to talk about the pup. I need Trixie’s cell number. I told her I’d get it from you.” Aaron had a slip of paper at the ready.

“So you must really like her if you’re taking her to Kirby’s tonight. Flashy place like that is meant to impress her. You usually take them to that Spanish place by the resort to start.”

“Yeah, I like her. Do you have her number, or do I have to bother Danae for it?” Aaron had much to do and no time to waste with Andy’s back and forth.

“Just a sec,” Andy opened his phone and jotted her cell number on Aaron’s slip of paper. “I hope your sour attitude goes away before your date.”

“Sorry, man. I’m just busy and quite frankly a bit nervous. I haven’t felt this way about a woman in years.” Aaron took the slip of paper from Andy and tucked it into his pocket.

“Don’t lose that, Hall. I’ll charge you for the second time,” Andy chuckled. “We doing lunch with Searce today?”

“I’m not sure. He said Raisa has been sick. He might not even be here today. He’s been taking care of her since Saturday night. She’s been throwing up almost constantly since the party.”

“Well, that’s too bad. I hope Kirby didn’t poison the poor thing.” Andy picked up another fax off his machine. “You and I will do lunch then. We can grab a burrito off the truck that parks out front every day. I hear it’s killer stuff.”

Aaron gave him a thumbs up and walked out of Andy’s office. He had one task he needed to do before he did one other thing. He took the piece of paper from his pocket and entered it into his phone as a contact. And then he sat and stared at his phone, too nervous to call her. So instead, he opened his texting app and wrote a brief message.

Hey beautiful. I’m off work today at four, and I’ll pick you up at five-thirty for a six o’clock reservation. I’m sorry for the text. I’m a little nervous, but I can’t wait to see you tonight.

The next thing Aaron did was to reserve a table for just the two of them. As he hung up the phone, he considered Andy’s observation. You must really like her if you’re taking her to Kirby’s. “Yeah, I guess I really do like her,” he said out loud to himself.

An hour later, Aaron’s phone buzzed. A message from Trixie.

I will be ready when you arrive tonight. I’m looking forward to spending time with you. PS… I’m nervous, too!

Aaron simply smiled and went about his day. With the last away game of the year looming, he had some plays to develop and teach to his team, a long day by anyone’s standard. But his mind was elsewhere.

At lunchtime, Andy appeared at Aaron’s door. “I have some news from Wyatt. Let’s go grab a burrito and make it a working lunch.”

“I have gotten next to nothing done, Murph. I can’t concentrate. What’s Wyatt’s news?”

“Nope, you have to come eat before I spill the beans. I don’t have much time, either, so it won’t be a full hour. Come on, Hall. My treat.”

Reluctantly, Aaron got up and grabbed his keys. “This had better be good.”

They stood in line at the food truck and Andy bought each of them a burrito and chips. They sat down, and Aaron unwrapped his, took a bite and settled down. It was the first thing he had eaten since before the game yesterday.

“Okay, what’s Searcy’s news?”

“I’m glad you’re sitting down. Wyatt is going to be a father. Raisa is pregnant!”

“Wow. I was not expecting that. I’ll have to call him later.” Now Wyatt will really be scarce, Aaron thought to himself.

“Oh, he’ll be here now that he knows she’s okay.”

They finished up lunch and walked back into the stadium together. “If I don’t see you beforehand, Aaron, good luck on your date with Trix. She’s very excited.”

“Thanks, Murph. I’ll talk to you later.”

At one o’clock, Kirby rang Aaron’s phone. “Can I see you a moment, Aaron?”

Aaron’s heart sank. This can’t be good, was his first thought. But when he got to Kirby’s office, he sat behind the desk, an ear to ear grin on the boss’ face.

“What can I do for you, Kirby?” Aaron asked meekly.

“Aaron, have a seat. Last night’s game clinched our fifth division title and the playoffs.” Kirby’s hand was closed around a small object. “As a token of my deep appreciation, Aaron, Rae and I would like you to accept this.” He handed Aaron the object he held.

“A key, Kirby?”

“Aaron, your new car sits in the parking lot. It’s a brand new Aston Vanquish. Your amazing work on this team has helped boost us to the top of the league. This is just my way of saying ‘Thank you’.”

“I-I don’t know what to say. I’m stunned.”

“Well, you deserve it. I’ve been upgrading those who truly deserve recognition. I know your annual review is coming after the season ends. Your new contract will also reflect your worth to the team. If you ever have an issue, Aaron, I’d hope you would come to me before you go looking elsewhere. You are extremely valuable to me, to the team. There is little I wouldn’t do to keep you on staff.”

“Thank you, Kirby. I don’t anticipate wanting to move. My family is here. My friends are here. But I have to tell you, I’m overwhelmed by the car. I was content with the old one.”

“Like I said, just my way of saying ‘Thank you.’ And that I appreciate you.” Kirby stood and shook Aaron’s hand. “Congratulations on another winning season, Mr. Hall.”

“Likewise, Mr. Kemp.” Aaron smiled and left the office, nearly running to the parking lot. It was black, shiny and beautiful. He ran his hand down the back fender and shook his head. It was his dream car, and in his hand, he held the key. It was easily the highlight of his adult life, and he couldn’t wait to tell Trixie.

Four o’clock came before Aaron was truly ready for the workday to end, and if he didn’t have plans, he would have pulled some overtime. But he walked to the parking lot and got into his brand new car and drove home. The puppy, named Dusty, was waiting for him at the front door.

“Hey Dusty,” he said. “I suppose you need to go for a walk. Make it quick.”

A quick shower, shave and a half hour later, Aaron was ready for his date with Trixie. Butterflies swarmed in his stomach as he waited for the time to pass…


“How do I look?” Trixie asked Danae. She wore a gold cocktail dress, a gift from her dad before he passed away years ago. “I mean, is it too trashy looking for a five-star place?”

“Oh Trixie, that is gorgeous!” Danae chirped. With her platinum blonde hair and her suntan, it looked fabulous on her. “You don’t need anything from my closet after all. If Aaron doesn’t fall for you in that outfit, there is something wrong with him.”

Trixie blushed a deep red. “I am still having a hard time believing I am going on a date with Aaron Hall.”

“Well, you are. Andy tells me he’s pretty excited about it, too.” Danae admired her friend. She was truly beautiful in the gold dress. “Here, let me do your makeup for you. He’s going to flip out when he sees you, Trix.”

Danae put the finishing touches on her blush and handed a warm-toned lipstick to her. “Use this brush. It’s clean and much more precise than just applying it.” Gingerly, Trixie painted her lips with the coral colored lip tint. “It’s such a beautiful color.”

“Ooh, I love this!” she exclaimed. Trixie looked at her watch. It was almost five-thirty. “I just need my heels and I’m ready.” Downstairs, Andy and Aaron chatted, a look of horror crossed her face. “When did he get here, Nae? I didn’t even hear him!”

“Just a minute or two ago. Relax, Trix. Breathe!” Danae gave her a hug. “Are you ready?”

Trixie took a deep breath and nodded. “I think so.”

Danae went downstairs first, carrying her makeup box, waving to Aaron on her way by. “She’ll be down very soon.”

Aaron straightened his bowtie. “Is this okay, Murph? I mean, I only wore it days ago.”

“You’re fine,” Andy chuckled. They both turned their heads when they heard Trixie’s soft footsteps padding downstairs. Aaron’s jaw dropped open, and Trixie blushed.

“You look stunning,” Aaron finally choked out.

“Thank you, Aaron. You look so handsome in your tux.” She smiled sweetly at him.

“Shall we?”

Trixie nodded. “Yes.”

Danae and Andy waved as Aaron escorted her from the house.


“Is this new?” Trixie asked Aaron as they approached his car.

Aaron nodded. “Yes, I got it this afternoon. I guess the boss thinks I’m worth a new car.” He shrugged.

“I’m proud of you,” she smiled as he held the door for her. Aaron looked a little embarrassed.

“Thanks. I don’t hear that from anyone. Ever.”

“That’s too bad. I’ll always tell you when I’m proud of you.” Her sweet smile melted his heart.

“I believe you.”

The drive to the restaurant was quiet and awkward. When they arrived, Aaron valet parked the car and escorted her inside. “Hall for six o’clock,” he announced.

“Yes, Mr. Hall. This way.” The host led them to a small table near the water, set for two. An antique jukebox played soft jazz music, setting the mood for romance. Aaron held the chair for Trixie to sit, and he seated himself across from her.

In all his 41 years, he had never met anyone quite like Trixie. She was beautiful but modest, spunky but shy, independent but didn’t mind being spoiled, either. He couldn’t wait to find out more about her.

The waiter introduced himself and offered a menu to Aaron. “Can I get you something from the bar?”

“I’ll have a glass of wine. Trix? What would you like?”

“The same, please, what he’s having.” She reached for his hand, and he took it.


“A penny for your thoughts?” he said softly.

“I can’t believe I’m here with Aaron Hall. I’m still a little starstruck, you know.” She broke eye contact with him.

Aaron chuckled. “I’m really not that big of a deal. It isn’t like I’m a star player.”

“You’re a champion, Aaron. That makes you someone special.”

He caressed her cheek softly. “You are being too sweet.”

“I’m just being me,” she replied.

“What would you like for dinner?” he asked. “I haven’t even shown you the menu.”

“Choose something you like. We can share it together.”

“What if you don’t like what I choose?”

“I will. I’m not that difficult to please,” she smiled.

When the waiter returned with their wine, Aaron ordered two different entrees. It was a stab in the dark. He knew nothing of her tastes, what she liked. This could be a winner or a complete disaster. He wiped his sweaty palms on his pants leg, hoping she wouldn’t notice.

“Would you like to dance?” he asked. The jukebox was closeby, but since Kirby’s huge remodel, dancing space severely lacked.

“Sure,” she smiled at him. He held her close, breathing in her sweet, musky perfume.


“Trixie, you’re so beautiful,” he complimented her.

She blushed fiercely. “You’re not too bad yourself, Coach.” Kiss me, she thought.

They danced closely, swaying to the music together. When the song ended, he spun her into a dip and kissed her tenderly.

“Where have you been all my life?” Aaron whispered into her ear.


“I mean, all I want to do is kiss you. I’ve never felt this before. Am I crazy, Trix?”

She was melting into his arms. “No,” she whispered back. “You’re not crazy. I feel it, too.” She nuzzled her face into his neck. No, she thought. It’s way too soon to feel like this, Trixie.

He pulled away from her. “Here, let’s sit awhile.” He pulled her chair out for her again, and she sat. She took a sip of wine and ran her finger around the rim.

“Tell me about yourself, Aaron. I know you’re a coach. What do you like to do for fun?”

“Like I told you before, I’m married to my job, not necessarily because I want to be, either. It takes a lot of my time and energy. The fun I used to have included Andy and Wyatt, going for a beer or two after work. But Andy promised Nae he wouldn’t drink anymore, and Wyatt is married and going to be a dad in a bit. Now, it’s just me and Dusty.” Aaron sighed. He didn’t realize how pathetic his life sounded until he spoke it, and it depressed him. “What about you, Trixiebean? What makes you, you?”

She took his hand in hers. “Well, I’m an only child, raised in Twinbrook, I came here when I was eighteen. I actually followed a guy here. He abandoned me here and he went back to Twinbrook. Not long afterward, I joined a temp agency. That’s how I met Andy and Nae. I started off just watching their kids once in a while, and then over time, it turned into a live-in position. I love to dance, though I’m not good at it. I like it here, but I miss the snow. And someday, I want a family of my own to raise. I won’t say I’m tired of my job, but the Murphy kids will grow up, and I won’t be needed anymore. That wouldn’t happen with my own kids. You know what I mean?”

“I do know what you mean. I never thought I’d still be single in my early 40s, no kids. Are your parents still living?” Aaron took a sip of wine.

Trixie shook her head. “My folks are gone. They were older when I was born. They died when I was only nineteen. After I left home, I never saw them again.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” Aaron said. “I’ll probably not see mine again, either. To be honest, we aren’t that close. They thought I could do better with my life than a degree in physical education. I think my dad wanted me to be an engineer like him. I just don’t think like an engineer. The buzz around the league seems to suggest I’m on target for the hall of fame someday.” Aaron shrugged. “I don’t see it.”

“I’m proud of you,” she said softly. “I mean that, too. I saw you in action yesterday. There is still a lot I don’t understand, but even I could tell the other team was lost. Andy was right. It’s fun to watch in person.”

Aaron blushed. “Thank you. That’s twice in one night. I’m going to get all conceited.”

Trixie belly laughed. “From what I see, there is absolutely no danger of that!”

Their dinner arrived minutes later, and they spent time discussing their backgrounds, hopes, and dreams for the future that didn’t actually revolve around their careers. “What are you doing for the holiday, Aaron?”

“I usually spend it with Danae and Andy. They are really my only family these days. She has Darcey and her family over. Sometimes, I bring my photography stuff over and do family photos. It’s a fun hobby, but I don’t do it much anymore. How about you?”

“This year, I have no plans. I usually have a boyfriend to visit or spend time with on the holiday. But this year, I don’t.”

“What if I were to change that for you? What if I was your boyfriend? Would you be interested in exclusivity?” Aaron asked, hopeful.

“Really?” She nearly squealed. “I’d love that! I want to tell you something, but I’m afraid I’ll scare you away.”

“Well, I promise not to run away screaming,” he chuckled.

“Okay. Here goes nothing,” Trixie said and took a deep breath. “You are the only man I’ve been out with that I’ve ever felt this way about, Aaron. There is something special about you.”

“When we kissed for the first time, I felt this chemistry. And I’ve never felt this way before, either. But I didn’t want to be too forward, I don’t want you to feel threatened or pressured.”

“I’m not usually the one who feels pressured,” she snickered. “I’m usually the one who falls too fast, gets in too deep. I’m the one who gets broken, heartsick, while he can’t get away fast enough.” She shook her head. “I’m saying too much.”

“No, you’re not at all. This is the stuff I want to know about you. This is what has made you who you are, Trixiebean.”

“All I know is that I don’t want to mess this up. I don’t want this to be over before we have a chance to start.” As long as she had her heart on her sleeve, she tucked one more confession into it. “I really, really like you, Aaron. I could easily fall for you.” She bit her tongue as soon as it left her lips.

“It has been a long time, years really, since I have felt anything close to love. And yes, I think I could easily fall for you, too. I won’t say I am there yet. But who knows? Unless I find out you’re secretly a mass murderer,” he teased.

She nudged him and laughed.


After dinner, neither of them wanted the evening to end, so Aaron invited her to his place for a drink and to talk for a while. He pulled into the driveway and opened her door for her. She stepped out of the car and stared at the house.

You live in this beautiful home? I always wondered.”

He kicked a pebble and smiled. “Yeah, it’s a bit extravagant for my needs, but when Dusty gets bigger, maybe it will suit me better. Come on in, I’ll pour us a glass of wine and light the fireplace.”

He opened the door and she stepped inside. The front door opened up into a huge great room, a theater room to the left, the kitchen and attached formal dining room, and two huge bedrooms. The fireplace was gas and lit with the touch of a button, and Aaron went into the kitchen to pour two glasses of wine.

“Make yourself at home,” he told her. A small black and white puppy came running from the kitchen and greeted Trixie.

“Thanks. This must be Dusty? He’s really cute!” The puppy slathered her in licks and affection and she giggled.

Aaron walked from the kitchen, two glasses of wine in his hand. He settled himself next to her on the sofa and set the wine on the coffee table. “Dusty, go lay down somewhere,” he told the puppy. “I should take him out, but he’s already made a mess in the kitchen I had to clean. I’m too late once again.” Aaron bent over to pet Dusty. “I really have no business owning a dog.”

“I get why you do,” she said softly. “Loneliness is consuming…”

Aaron leaned to her and kissed her tenderly. “You taste amazing, Trix,” he groaned, breathless.


“Don’t stop, Aaron,” she whispered. “This feels so right.”

They continued to kiss, and when they pulled away, Aaron stood. He held his hand to her and lifted her, carrying her to his bedroom.


He set her down on the floor and they kissed again. “Trixie…”

“Shh,” she said, snuggled into his arms. “Aaron, I need you.”


He pulled away from her, conflicted. “Trixiebean, I’m not sure about this.” He walked to his bed and sat on the edge.

She walked to him and embraced him. “Don’t you like me?”


“Of course I do. And yes, it feels right. But I—”

She interrupted him with a kiss. “Please, Aaron. I need you.”

She coaxed him to lay down on his bed, and she snuggled up to him. She wrapped herself around him, kissing him.


He was almost ready to give in to her, but he couldn’t.

“Trix, I-I can’t.” He sat up and pushed her away gently. “I want you so bad, but I can’t… not now, not like this.”

Her eyes filled with tears. “I’m sorry, Aaron,” she cried. She walked out to the living room and grabbed her evening bag. “I have to go.” And she ran from the house, Aaron watched her as she fled, intensely sorry he let himself get into that position with her to begin with.


“I’m sorry, Trixiebean,” Aaron whispered to himself, his face pressed against the door, he stared into the night. He turned the fireplace off, blew out the candles and dialed the phone of his best friend.


Once Trixie cleared the house, her pace slowed and she sobbed on the side of the road. “I’ve never been more humiliated in my life,” she said aloud. A few minutes later, she collected herself and finished the walk home. Somehow, this rejection hurt more than anything else she had ever experienced.

She opened the gate and saw a light on in the house. Uh oh, she thought. Danae is up waiting. Slowly, she walked to the front door and swallowed a huge lump in her throat. But Danae saw the heartbreak on her face.

“Oh Trixie, what happened?” Danae stood to hug her, and Trixie sobbed in her arms.

“It was my fault. I humiliated myself. Now it’s perfectly clear why I’m alone. I’m a total slut, Nae. I give myself too fast. Except Aaron was too much of a gentleman, and he rejected my advances. I can’t face him. I’m so ashamed.”

“Oh honey, I’m sorry. And you’re absolutely not a slut, Trix.” In the bedroom, Andy was on the phone. Aaron’s call woke them and Danae knew Trixie would need her. “Let’s go outside and sit. I’ll get a glass of wine for us. Let’s chat awhile.”

In the bedroom, Andy consoled a very distraught Aaron. “Andy, I blew it with Trixie. I thought I was being a gentleman, but it turns out I’m just a killjoy. A prude. She left my house in tears. I guess it wasn’t meant to be.” Andy heard Aaron’s overly sad sigh. “I guess I’m doomed to live my life with this damned dog after all.”

“Aaron, do you like her?” Andy asked.

“It’s worse, Murph. I think I might be falling in love with her. She’s amazing, but I failed her. I’m done. I can’t handle any more heartbreak. I’d rather be alone than have this pain.” Aaron choked back his emotion.

“Don’t let her get away, Aaron. You don’t realize it, but you’re perfect for one another. Trust me on this.”

“I’d be willing to bet she won’t even talk to me. I’ll never forget the look on her face, Andy. She was broken. I’m so stupid, just the latest guy to dump on her and break her heart.”

“Aaron, you’re anything but stupid. Nae is outside with her. Do you want to see if she’ll talk to you?”

Aaron was going to say no, but against his better judgment, he said, “Yeah. What do I have to lose?”

Andy walked to the patio where Trixie still sobbed in Danae’s arms. “Trix, this call is for you.”

She looked at her friend, tears stained her face. “I-I can’t face him. I’m an awful person.”

“Trix, don’t waste this chance. I’m here for you if it all goes south, but take the call.” Danae encouraged her. She sniffled and took the phone from Andy.


“Trixiebean, I’m so sorry,” Aaron said to her. “I never meant for our evening to end like this. Would you be willing to talk, face to face? Please, Trix.”

She sighed deeply. “Aaron, I’m so humiliated. I’m sorry I acted like a cat in heat. I had no regard for you. I had no respect for myself.”

“Sweetheart, please don’t feel that way. Trixie, I don’t want to talk on the phone. Please, let me pick you up and come back here with me. Let’s sit and talk through this.”

She looked at Danae. “Should I go?” she whispered. Danae nodded and smiled. “Yeah, I’ll be outside at the gate. But I need to change clothes. Give me a few minutes, okay?”

“I’ll be there in five minutes. Is that okay?”

She nodded. “Yes. I’ll see you in a few.” They disconnected the call, and Trixie looked at Danae. “We’re going to work this out.”

Danae hugged her. “Go get changed. Don’t keep him waiting, Trix.”

Five minutes later, Trixie waited by the gate for Aaron and was surprised to see him on foot. “I thought it would give us more time to chat if we walked,” he said quietly. “Thanks for talking with me. This was the last thing I wanted to do. Trixie, I never intended to hurt you.”

“No, Aaron, it’s my fault. I need to learn some restraint. It’s no wonder men don’t bother with me. I give too much of myself too soon, and there’s nothing left. No mystery. No surprises.” She sighed deeply.

He took her hand as they walked. “I want to tell you something, but you don’t have to respond. You don’t even have to acknowledge it if you don’t want to. But Trixie, I’m falling for you, and I’m falling hard. You’re making it so easy. But I don’t want to be one of those guys who is only after one thing. You deserve so much more than that.”

Trixie smiled. The moonlight reflected off his blue eyes, and she melted. “I really do respect you, Aaron, which makes my behavior even worse. Since our first kiss, I’ve felt love stirring in my heart. I can never wait for our next kiss. When we’re together, I feel amazing, like I never have before.” She stopped and stroked his face. “And I know when the time is right, we’ll have our first time together. Thank you for not giving up on me.”

He led her to a small grassy area just off the Murphy property. They sat cuddled together and looked out over the water.


The sun was on the edge of the eastern sky, nearly ready to signal the beginning of the day. “You’re still beautiful, you know that. Right?”

She blushed. “You’re still handsome, Mr. Hall. I’m so very sor—”

“Shh, don’t,” Aaron interrupted her. “You have nothing to be sorry for. You don’t know what kind of restraint it took to say no, Trixiebean.” He kissed the top of her head and caressed her cheek. “I never should have let it get where we took it. I’m just as guilty.”

“It’s okay,” she whispered. “Aaron? Please kiss me.”

He knew it was dangerous, but they were in public. “It would be my pleasure.” She got on all fours and kissed him.


“The pleasure is all mine,” she whispered into his ear.

Four months later…

Trixie wore a brand new red dress and fiddled with her hair. “I feel like this is too much, Nae. What if I’m overdressed?”

“Trix, you look gorgeous,” Danae said. “That shade of red is so pretty on you. Aaron is going to love this. Are you ready?”

“I’m more than ready.” Love Day was coming, and Aaron invited her for a weekend of romance at the resort Kirby owned. “I know he loves me, but what if I screw this up, Nae? I’ll be worse than broken if he leaves me now…”

“You know that won’t happen, but I understand the fear. I had the same insecurities before Andy and I were married. I was convinced he would leave me for someone else, even after our wedding. Relax, Trix. Let him spoil you, and enjoy each other. We’ll be here when you come home on Sunday.”

“I’m nervous about his expectations. What if he wants to get intimate? We haven’t yet. What do I do? Do I say yes? I mean, I’m ready, but I remember what happened the last time, and it wasn’t pretty.”

“Things are different now, Trix. You have a relationship now. You have love between you. Sex is a natural next step. Let him initiate it, that way you know he wants you, too. You will be okay.”

“I don’t know what I’d do without you, Danae. You’re my best friend.” Trixie hugged her.

“He will be here in a few minutes. Let’s head downstairs.”

Aaron let himself into the gate and knocked on the front door. Danae answered it. “She is gorgeous, Aaron. Spoil her rotten. She deserves it.” She kissed him on the cheek.

Trixie hit the bottom step just as Aaron opened his eyes, and she took his breath away. “Oh my,” he exclaimed. “Trixiebean, you are delightful.”

Trixie blushed a deep, hot red. “Is that a new tux, Aaron?” Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him.

He nodded. “Our reservations await us. Are you ready, Beanie?”

She smiled sweetly at him. “I’m ready, Coach.”

He walked her to his Aston Martin and opened the door. She got in, and he walked to the driver’s side, got in and kissed her. “I’ve been waiting all day for some sugar,” he cooed at her. “No overnight bag?” he asked, noticing she only carried an evening bag.

It wasn’t until his question that she felt self-conscious. “Danae is going to leave it for me. Is that a problem?”

“Not at all.”

They drove to the Grand Tower resort and the concierge greeted them. Aaron was recognized immediately. “Mr. Aaron!” Marcela greeted him. “Welcome! Is this your lovely wife?”

Not yet. “No, we are having dinner tonight and spending some time together for the holiday. If Miss Danae stops by, please allow her access to our suite. She is bringing a bag for my sweetheart.”

“Not a problem, Mr. Aaron. Enjoy your dinner and weekend together.”

Hand in hand, they walked to the restaurant, and Aaron checked them in. “Hall, six o’clock.”

“Your table is ready, Mr. Hall. Please, follow me.” Arm in arm, they followed the Maître D’ to their table, tucked into a corner. The dining room had recently been redecorated, but it was not an especially eye-pleasing color. Everything was in gold tones, reminiscent of a bygone era. Even so, the ambiance was elegant and refined, much different than By The Sea.

Aaron ordered a bottle of champagne and the waiter poured two glasses almost on the spot. “Can I recommend anything for you, Monsieur?” he asked Aaron.

“Not yet. If I have any questions, I’ll ask when you return.” Aaron was not entirely comfortable in such a fancy place. A millionaire in his own right, he lived modestly and dined out infrequently, except at lunch with Andy and Wyatt. It was truly the only decent meal he would eat in a day. He set the menu down and took Trixie’s hands in his. “You are stunning in that dress. Simply sophisticated and beautiful.”


“You are being sweet again,” she smiled at him.

“Any requests for dinner tonight, my heart?”

“You choose, Aaron. You haven’t disappointed me yet.”

He nodded and placed the menu face down. He saw what he wanted, and he knew she liked it, too. After the waiter took their order, Aaron topped off their glasses of champagne.

“How was work today, Coach?”


“Slow. The off-season is more Andy’s thing. He’s trying to negotiate for new players. I’m still working through some new plays for next season. I hope they’ll be as effective as I think.”

“I’m sure they will be.”

Aaron looked at her, and couldn’t wait any longer. “Trix, I hope you know how I feel about you. That I adore you. That you have been so good for me. I hope I’ve been as good for you.”

“Oh Aaron, you know you have. I love you.”

“I love you, too. I’m pretty sure I’m going to love you until the day I die. And I can’t bear the thought of you being away from me.” He pulled a small box from his jacket pocket, and on one knee, he opened it. “Trixie, will you marry me?”


Trixie stood, tears in her eyes and a look of total shock on her face. “Of course I’ll marry you!”

They embraced, and he whispered into her ear, “Thank you for making me so happy, Beanie. I love you.”


Aaron took the ring from the box and slipped it onto her finger. Her eyes sparkled as she beheld the ring. The stone was huge, almost as big as the diamond Danae wore on her hand.


“Thank you for my gorgeous ring, Aaron. It’s breathtaking!”

“It’s nowhere near as pretty as the one who wears it,” he purred. “Now we just need to decide if we’re going to elope or do it up big.” Mischief danced in his expression. He knew she would want a big ceremony with her friends.

“I’ll let you know when the shock wears off. I am engaged to Aaron Hall!” Every now and then, she was still starstruck by him.

Aaron chuckled. “Yes, yes you are. And Aaron Hall loves you more than anything.”


After dinner, they walked hand in hand to the VIP section of the resort, past the main part of the property. The suite was the smallest of the three available, but it was all they needed. A bedroom, a small living room, a bathroom with a spa tub and kitchenette, everything decorated with fine linens, expensive fixtures, and furniture. Trixie was in awe of the accommodations, having never seen such a beautiful suite.

Aaron opened his bag, which he had left in the suite earlier, and pulled out more comfortable clothing. “If you’d like to get comfortable feel free, Beanie. I’m going to get out of this tux.”

Trixie nodded. She had two different nighttime outfits with her, and she was unsure of which to wear. She certainly wasn’t going to make the same mistake she made on their first date and make assumptions. So she chose the one that was modest, a pair of boy shorts and a shirt. She excused herself and went into the bathroom to change.

Aaron was taking care of his tux, already dressed in a pair of boxers and a robe, when Trixie emerged from the bathroom, her makeup off. She looked adorable, and Aaron adjusted his robe, covering himself.

He had a bottle of her favorite wine and two glasses from the kitchenette. “Can I interest you in a nightcap?”

She nodded shyly, and she couldn’t help but notice him as he worked the cork from the bottle. Strong, muscular, distinct six-pack abs, light blond hair covered his chest. Aaron did not have an ounce of body fat, and his muscle definition was remarkable.

She took a glass from him and they sat together in the living room area of the suite. “A toast,” he offered. “To you and me. To our new lives together.”

Trixie smiled. “Cheers!” she said and sipped from her glass. She felt awkward and shy, and though she knew what she wanted, she wasn’t willing to put herself forward, to take the chance. No, the next move would be Aaron’s and his alone.

He set his glass on the coffee table and snuggled up to her. “Trixiebean, you are beautiful, and I can’t believe you’re mine.”

“You could have had any woman you wanted—” she began, but he cut her off.

“You are the one I want. Tonight.”

She swallowed hard. “Tonight?”

He nodded. “Is that okay with you?”

“Oh coach, it’s more than okay.” She considered changing to her sexy outfit, but he embraced her in a kiss.

“I’ve never made love with someone before, Trixie.” He kissed her neck, relishing her sighs of pleasure.

She pulled away reluctantly. “Aaron, we don’t have to. I had no idea you were a virgin.”

He chuckled. “I didn’t say I was a virgin. I said I’ve never made love before. There’s a stark difference between sex and making love.”

She considered his words. “You know, this is my first time, too. To make love, I mean.” She realized he knew she had a questionable, almost promiscuous past. She needed him to know one big thing. “For the record, I’ve never had unprotected sex, Aaron.”

“I haven’t either. And it’s been a very long time for me, so I might not be on top of my game. A friendly disclaimer.”

She snickered. “A disclaimer?”

He blushed slightly. “Yeah. I promise, though, we’ll work on compatibility. Whatever doesn’t work now, we’ll improve as we go.”

“I have a few condoms with me in my purse. You can choose whichever—”

He kissed her, interrupting her. “We don’t need it, Beanie. We’re in a committed relationship. We are engaged to be married. And if we make a baby tonight, so be it.”

“But Aaron, are you ready for that?”

“Yes, I am. I know you are. Didn’t you tell me you wanted a family of your own to raise? I wouldn’t mind if we started now. I’m not getting any younger, Beanie. You would be a fantastic mother. And I love you, so very much.”

“I have a different nightie. Let me change into it,” she offered.

“You’re sexy just how you are.” Aaron picked her up and brought her to the bed. “Let me make love to you, Trixie.”

He laid her down on the bed, and they made love with each other into the night, and when sleep finally took them, they were satisfied and spent, very much in love.


Up Next: Chapter Thirty, Generation Five

Pose Credits:

Aside from my normally used pose artists, the following artists and poses have been utilized in this chapter:

Wedding Pt 3, by Kiddo at Kiddo’s Dreams
Kiss Me (Like A Movie Star) by Vågen at Mod The Sims
Moondance by Lenina90 at The Sims 3 Planet

Custom Content:

Trixie’s adorable hair from The Sims 3 Store
Trixie’s red dress from BEO Creations
Aaron’s Tux 1 from The Sims 3 Store
Aaron’s Tux 2 from Lady Dane The Sims Resource
Kirby’s By The Sea from Aya20 at Mod The Sims
Gold Five Star Restaurant Set from Around The Sims 3
Aaron’s engagement ring from Mensure at The Sims Resource
Christmas/Snowflake Day decor from Severinka at The Sims Resource

If you see an item that I have not included, and you’d like to know where I got it, just contact me and I’ll do my best to provide a working link.

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