G5 Chapter Twenty Eight, Part Three – The Last Surprise

A little turbulence awakened Andy with thirty minutes left until they landed in Isla Paradiso. Next to him, Danae slept soundly, so he ventured out into the cabin, hoping coffee was available and fresh.

“Good morning, Andy,” Victor greeted him. The first thing he noticed was that the sun was already up, and the day looked well underway. 

“What time is it?” 

“It’s seven-thirty, local time. We had a bit of a delay in Hidden Springs during our refueling stop, or we would have been home already.” 

Andy nodded. “Is there a remote chance coffee is available?” 

Victor shook his head. “Nothing is fresh, I’m afraid. It’s over 12 hours old, and it’s lukewarm.” 

He smiled. “It’s okay. I was hoping to wake my lovely bride with a cup.” 

Victor chuckled. “You guys must have had a great time. You look very relaxed and peaceful.”

“We had the best time. We didn’t get a chance to go diving, and it was something Danae really wanted to do. But the area was way over her skill level, and I didn’t feel comfortable bringing her,” Andy said. “Better safe than sorry.” 

“Indeed,” Victor agreed. 

“I’m going to wake her, so she doesn’t feel rushed when we land. I’ll be back.” He walked back to the sleeping quarters and snuggled up next to her in the bed. He felt her move closer, and she stretched. 

“Good morning, my Andy,” she cooed. “Are we home yet?”

“Victor says we’re about half an hour out. We were delayed in Hidden Springs during our refuel stop, I guess.” Andy shrugged. “Are you ready to get up, sweetie?”

She groaned. “Yeah, I suppose so. I’m not ready for this to be over. Going back to reality will be difficult after such a beautiful vacation.” 

“Remember, my love, it’s not over, not yet. I still have one big trick up my sleeve, and you’ll never guess what it is.” He kissed her tenderly.

“You spoil me way too much, sir,” she said and returned his kisses. “I guess I’m up.” She looked in the mirror that hung behind the door, fixed her hair, and together they walked out to the cabin.

“Good morning, Miss Danae,” Victor greeted her. “I’m sorry to say, we have no coffee on board.”

“It’s okay, we’ll be home soon, and I’ll make some there.” They sat together at the table where they had eaten dinner almost twelve hours earlier and buckled their belts. 

A little more than thirty minutes later, they were taxiing off the runway back to Kirby’s hangar, the limo awaited their arrival. The drive back to the house was quiet and when they arrived home, Eamon and Elyse had already left for school. Trixie had done a fantastic job decorating the house with the kids for the Snowflake Day holiday, and the mood was immediately festive.

Emmitt was playing in his bedroom when he heard Danae call his name. 

“Mama?” He squealed and ran to the living room.

“There’s my baby boy!” Danae cried. She kneeled down, her arms open, ready to embrace her youngest son. She covered his face in kisses and tickled him, his happy giggles filled every room in the house.

Andy stood and watched the reunion, waiting for Emmitt to notice him, too. And when the word ‘Daddy’ left his lips, Andy did what Danae had done, covering the boy’s face with kisses and tickles. 

“What did you bring me?” Emmitt asked expectantly. 

“When your sister and brother get home, you’ll get your presents,” Danae announced. She held Emmitt in her arms, his giggles filled her heart to overflowing. As good as it was to get away, coming home was even better. 

“Daddy, would you take me swimming?” Emmitt asked Andy. Like his sister, he had a love of the water, and swimming with Andy was a favorite activity. 

“Give me about ten minutes, little cub, and I would love to swim with you! I’m going to help Mama with the laundry.”

Andy carried the luggage to the garage and emptied the dirty clothes into hampers that were already overflowing with unwashed clothes. He considered another set of washers and dryers to help Danae and Trixie keep up with the laundry. The washer was empty, so he started a load before he left the garage.

Danae and Trixie were already gabbing at the dining room table, sipping on coffee. 


“How’s the west coast, Nae?” 

“It is so different, but beautiful. The palm trees have coconuts hanging from them, the water is azure blue, the beaches have white sand! If you ever get the opportunity, you should really go!”

“If I could get a guy to stay with me long enough, maybe.” Trixie sighed. 

“What happened?”


“We were in different places. I was committed, and he wasn’t. Better to find out now, I guess.”

Danae felt bad for Trixie. She was a beautiful woman, had a heart of gold and extremely family-oriented. For the right guy, she would be a catch. 

On Saturday morning, Darcey called Danae’s phone. “Nae, I’m going to the salon for some pampering. I need a fill on my manicure and a trim. Come with me? I miss you.” 

“Let me check with Andy.” He was in the living room with the kids, playing on the game console with them. “Babe, Darcey wants me to go with her to the salon. Is that okay with you?”

“Sure! Trixie and I have the kids taken care of. Go have fun with Darcey. Tell her all about our vacation!” He stood and kissed her. “I love you, baby.” 

“Thanks! I love you, too.” she chirped. Excitedly, she returned to the phone call. “He’s playing with the kids, so I’m free.” 

“I’ll pick you up in ten minutes,” Darcey replied. They hung up the phone, and Danae went to change her clothes. 

Darcey texted Andy a quick message.

It’s a go.

Andy smiled, and Elyse asked a whispered question. He nodded at his daughter, and she smiled.

As promised, Darcey arrived on time to pick Danae up. “I’m going, babe. I’ll see you later!” she called to Andy.

“Have a good time, my sweet!” he called back to her. As soon as Danae and Darcey were clear of the house, Andy whipped into action. “Trix, grab the dresses for Nae and Darce, and I’ll grab the kids’ and my clothes. We only have two hours to get everything ready. Let’s move, kids!”

In twenty minutes, everyone was in the car. The clothes, shoes, jewelry, and toys were packed, and they were on their way to meet all of their friends and family for the final part of Danae’s anniversary surprise. 

When they arrived, Clint was finishing up with the florist, who had delivered a bouquet for Danae, arrangements for the church, a basket of flowers for Lysie, and a single white rose for Darcey. Andy shook his hand and thanked him while Trixie brought the dresses to the bride’s room. Little by little, guests began to arrive and mingle. Everything was decorated beautifully. Andy took the boys to the men’s room to get dressed while Trixie and Elyse got ready in the ladies’ room. 

Everyone was there and only waiting for ten minutes when Darcey texted Andy. 

Five minutes out. We’ll be there soon.

Andy beamed and made an announcement. “Friends and family, I want to thank you all for coming to our celebration today. In a few minutes, Danae will learn of the last part of our tenth anniversary celebration. Please join me in the vestibule to welcome her and her sister, Darcey.”


“Darce, are you lost? Why are you going this way home?” Danae asked Darcey as she drove to the chapel. 

“I have to make a quick stop on the way,” Darcey fibbed. “It won’t take but a moment. You don’t mind, do you?” 

“No, I was just wondering.” Danae watched out the window, rain clouds moved in off the western coast. “Looks like rain,” she commented.

“Yeah, it sure does.”

“Darce? What’s going on here?” Danae asked. Andy’s car sat parked in front of the chapel. 

“Come with me, sissy,” Darcey said, a huge grin on her face. 

Cautiously, Danae got out of the car and the sisters walked up the steps. Darcey opened the door, and Danae was greeted with the happy smiles of every person in Isla Paradiso that she loved. The Kemps, the Tillmans, Wyatt and Raisa, Aaron, Darcey’s family and her own. Andy stepped out from behind the crowd, a smile on his face. 

“Happy anniversary, my sweet,” he greeted her. “You’re probably wondering what is going on. Today, you and I will renew our wedding vows in the presence of all our loved ones. This is the last part of my surprise to you. Danae, I love you. Darcey will help you get ready.”

Danae’s eyes welled with tears. “I-I can’t believe this! I’m so excited!” Darcey took her hand and led her to the bride’s room, where their nearly identical dresses awaited them. The sisters got dressed and Darcey affixed her white gold tiara atop her head, touched up her makeup and handed her the bouquet of roses that she would carry. 

“Thanks, Darce,” Danae wept. “I know you had a hand in all this. The clothes, the planning. Thank you. I will never forget this as long as I live.” She kissed her sister’s cheek. 

“You have a treasure in Andy. He adores you, and I know you adore him. You both deserve everything you have and each other.” Darcey hugged her sister. “Elyse is your flower girl, and Emmitt wanted so badly to carry a pillow, so I bought him one, even though you won’t be exchanging rings today. He’s just too cute, Nae.” She peeked her head out of the door, and Clint was waiting for her. “It’s time, Nae. I love you.” 

“I love you, Darce.” 

In the front of the chapel, Andy stood waiting as Aaron adjusted his tie.


“I need to get to the back,” he told Andy. “Your lovely bride awaits.” Andy nodded and wiped a tear from his eye.

The sisters both stepped out from the bride’s room, and Danae saw Elyse dressed in a cute gown that matched hers in color. “Aww, sweet pea! You look so beautiful!” 

“Thank you, Mama, you do, too!” Elyse said. Danae kissed her cheek and watched her walk down the aisle through the windows on the door leading into the sanctuary.

Emmitt was all dressed in a tuxedo, as was Eamon, but he carried a small ring pillow. “Look, Mama!” he chirped. 

“I see, Emm! You’re both so handsome,” Danae wept. All three of her children looked so grown up.  Eamon walked down with Trixie and was seated with her, and Darcey stood with Clint at the ready. 

“You’re next,” she told Danae and Aaron appeared to escort her down the aisle to Andy’s waiting arms. She watched Clint and Darcey follow Emmitt when Aaron approached her.

“This is my honor, Miss Danae. I love you like the sister I never had, and Andy like the brother I never had. You two deserve every happiness.” Aaron kissed her cheek and held his arm for her. 

“Oh Aaron, we love you, too!” She grabbed a tissue from the box that sat on the table in the vestibule and dabbed her eyes. “I’m ready.” 

Cody Kemp, Kirby and Rae’s son, played the organ in front of the chapel as Aaron escorted Danae down the aisle. Andy stood at the front and watched his best friend and his wife as they approached. Aaron gave him Danae’s hand, and she joined him under the arch. Aaron walked to the other side and stood, ready to officiate the ceremony.

“Friends, family, welcome to the vow renewal ceremony of Anduin Rowan Murphy and Danae Elizabeth Murphy, in celebration of their tenth wedding anniversary. It is my distinct honor to officiate their special day.”


He offered a quick word of encouragement and love, a passage from the book that sat in front of the chapel. And then Andy spoke.

“Danae, I know there will never be words enough to tell you how I feel about you. You are my wife, my lover, the mother of my three beautiful children, my helpmate, my extreme better half, and my best friend. The past ten years with you have been so wonderful, so packed with love, adventure, some tears, an abundance of joy… I look forward to many, many more with you by my side. Thank you, darling, for loving me so well.”

Danae had nothing prepared, nothing rehearsed, but she spoke from her heart.


“Andy, I wasn’t prepared for the outpouring of love you’ve shown me today and for the past two weeks in celebration of our anniversary. But you have demonstrated, not only by your words but by your deeds how much you love me. I look around me and see everything you have blessed me with. Our family, our love, our friends, our beautiful home, our lives together.”

“Andy, it would never be enough to just say that I love you. You are the air I breathe, the nourishment for my soul, the calm and peace that lives within me. The father of my babies, my husband, my lover, my everything.” She felt herself losing her emotions and she began to weep. “I will spend the rest of my life showing you how much I love you, my Andy. Thank you, for everything.” 

Aaron offered up a final blessing on Danae and Andy and then congratulated them. “Andy,  you may kiss your beautiful bride.” 

Andy took her face in his hands and looked into her crystal violet eyes. “I love you, Danae,” he whispered before he pressed his lips to hers in a sweet, tender kiss.


“I love you, Andy,” she whispered back after they broke their kiss. Her heart swelled with love for him. 

After the ceremony, the party moved into the reception area, an adjoining common area that Andy had decorated with photos of their vacation. In addition to a full buffet, dancing, and a wedding cake, Aaron had arranged to take photos of every family in attendance, a loveseat and other props arranged for the occasion. And one by one, families posed and Aaron took beautiful photos. 

Afterward, while Wyatt and Andy moved some of the photo props off the dance floor, Trixie sat alone on the loveseat, lost in the romance of the afternoon. So Aaron walked to her and rested his arms on the back of the loveseat and introduced himself.


“I don’t remember seeing you around before. I’m Aaron.”

Trixie blushed. “Well, I know who you are. I’ve been working for Andy and Danae for a couple of years taking care of the kids. I’m Trixie.” 

“So you’re the infamous Trixie,” Aaron smiled. “I’ve heard lots about you, all good. I’m happy to finally meet you.” He walked around to the other side and joined her on the sofa. “I had no idea you were so beautiful.” 

Now Trixie really blushed. “You’re too kind.”

Wyatt came back with Andy to move the loveseat. “Awright,” he said in his country drawl, “move or help, Hall.” 

“Alright, I’m moving,” Aaron snickered. “Can’t you see I’m busy, Searcy?” 

“I know what I see,” Wyatt sneered. “I see you’re making a move on this pretty young lady.” 

“Don’t you have a loveseat to move, Wyatt?” 

“Yeah, I’m gettin’,” he laughed as Andy observed Aaron. 

As they were putting the loveseat back where it belonged, Andy asked Wyatt, “What was Aaron doing with Trix?” 

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he’s gettin’ to know ‘er,” Wyatt replied. “You better keep an eye on your nanny, or she might end up workin’ for Hall, if you know what I mean.” 

Andy smiled. “I have no problem with her and Aaron. He would be good for her, actually. She needs a good man.” 


Aaron took a glass of champagne and handed one to Trixie. “Here, let’s toast,” he offered. “To a new friendship, and wherever it may lead.” She blushed fiercely, and he felt bad. “I’m sorry. I’m not usually this forward.”

“I don’t mind, Aaron. It’s just that, I can’t believe a star like you is talking to me.” She batted her eyelashes at him. 

“Meh, I don’t consider myself that big a star.” He kissed her hand tenderly. “Trixie, can I ask you a question?” 

“Sure,” she replied. 

“Are you seeing someone? I don’t want to step on any toes if you are. I feel a connection with you.”

“No, I’m not seeing anyone. I haven’t had the best luck with guys. I’m always in a different place.” She blushed again. “I’m sorry, Aaron. I’m sure you don’t want my romantic history.” 

“Would you care to dance?” 

“You want to dance with me?” She could hardly believe her ears.

“You are the lady I’m talking to, so yes. I would like to dance with you.” He held his hand for her to take.

“I’d love to!” Trixie couldn’t help but be a little starstruck by Aaron. And she wondered how she had never met him before now. 

He led her onto the dance floor and they joined the other couples already dancing.


Danae noticed and nudged Andy. 

“Have you seen this?” she asked, motioning toward Aaron and Trixie.

“Yeah, apparently, he’s taken a liking to her. Wyatt warned me we need to keep an eye on our nanny. I think it’s a good match if they end up together.”

Danae had to admit she never thought to pair Aaron with Trixie before, but then again, she wasn’t much of a matchmaker. “Hmm, they’re cute together. They’d have little blonde babies.” 

“You’re not forward thinking this at all, are you?” Andy teased. 

“Nope.” Danae snickered. 

Toward the end of the evening, when the party was beginning to wind down, Aaron walked to his car, Trixie right behind him.

“I’d like to take you out sometime,” Aaron said. “When are you free?” 

“I’m only really working when Danae and Andy have plans. I have a pretty cushy job,” she blushed. 

“How about I bring you for dinner to Kirby’s By The Sea? We have a home game tomorrow, but I’m free Monday night.”

“I’d really love that, Aaron.” Trixie blushed, and then she took a leap of faith. She stepped close to him and kissed his cheek as they stood by Aaron’s car. 


“I can’t wait until Monday night now,” Aaron said. “I’ll call you.” 

“But I didn’t give you my number,” she replied. 

“I’ll get it from Andy,” he said. “Count on a phone call tomorrow.” He opened his car door and got in, pulled out of the parking spot and waved as he drove away.

Trixie walked back inside the reception hall, a dreamy look on her face. 

Danae noticed and approached her. “What’s up with you, Trix?” 

“I have a date with the most eligible bachelor on Isla Paradiso, Nae. And I can’t believe it. He likes me!”

“Why wouldn’t he? Trixie, you’re a good soul. So is Aaron. He would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.”

“All I want is a good man, someone who will stick around. Not someone flighty, like every other imbecile I’ve dated.”

Danae smiled. She knew Aaron was exactly the kind of guy Trixie needed. “Stick with Aaron. He won’t let you down.” 

Everyone piled into Andy’s car and they all left the party together. He had one last trick up his sleeve, and when he got to the house, only Trixie and the kids were getting out. “Stay here, Nae,” he told her. “Say goodnight, kids.” 

All three of them blew kisses to both Andy and Danae and went to the house with Trixie. Danae shook her head. “I thought the ceremony was the end of it?” 

“What kind of vow renewal ceremony would it be if it didn’t include a honeymoon suite, my love?” He smiled sweetly at her. “We have the VIP suite at the resort tonight, baby. I’m going to rock your world like you rock mine every single day.” 

“You already have, my Andy.”

The next day, the Sharks were hosting their last home game of the year against the Jaguars from Monte Vista. Andy wasn’t required to attend since he was still on vacation until the following day. They woke up in familiar surroundings, wrapped around each other. 

“Mmm, good morning my Andy,” she purred. “I still can’t believe yesterday. Babe, how did I not know about everything you did to plan for that? I mean, I was clueless.”

“It wasn’t easy, my sweet,” he said as he kissed her shoulders. “Everyone was in on it, too. I didn’t send invitations, it was all word of mouth so I didn’t have a paper trail. Darcey and Trixie shopped for the dresses, organized the flowers. I ‘borrowed’ your memory stick from the camera and uploaded all the pictures you took to Darcey and she ordered prints from the best ones. Kirby catered the buffet, Rae and Dina did the decor.”

“Everything was so perfect. I had no idea you were actually the romantic in this relationship, my Andy.” 

“It comes naturally when I’m thinking of you, my darling Danae. You say my name, you give me that look, and I’m putty in your hands.” He nuzzled his face into her hair. “My goodness, baby, how I love you.” 

“You can keep doing that all day if you want,” she sighed deeply. She snuggled closer to him and chuckled. “You know, if I get any closer, we’ll be one person.” 

“I could handle that,” he purred, pulling the covers over their heads.

They returned home early in the afternoon from the resort to give Trixie a break, and to let her go to the game if she wanted. With Andy’s VIP credentials, she could get seats right behind the team. If she was there, Andy thought maybe Aaron might bring her out for coffee or a drink after the game.

“Trix, take my credentials and go to the game today. Aaron would love to see you there, cheering him on. He is a brilliant coach.” 


“Are you sure, Andy? I don’t want to get you in trouble.”

“Trix, that’s one of the perks I get to enjoy. I don’t have a problem letting you go in my place. Go. Have a good time. Football games are more fun in person.” 

She smiled and kissed Andy’s cheek.


“Thanks!” She ran quickly up the stairs to her suite and started getting ready. While she was upstairs, Andy arranged his limo to pick her up and bring her to the game. She would love it.

Danae saw him making arrangements for her and smiled. “You’re a good man, Andy. Never change.” 

“I have a feeling Aaron would like to see her. And if she doesn’t drive, he has a good excuse to bring her home.”

“Good thinking,” Danae agreed. “Give her the option of taking the limo home, though. Just in case.” 

Trixie reappeared twenty minutes later, ready to go to the game. Dressed in a shirt and a pair of shorts, she was charming. 

“How do I look?” She asked Danae.

“You’re adorable, Trix. Andy arranged a ride to the stadium for you. They’re waiting outside.” 

Her jaw dropped open. “A limo? You have to be kidding.” 

“Not at all. If you need the return ride, just call this number.” Danae handed her a business card. 

“You guys are something else. Thank you.” Andy gave her the information she would need at the Will Call box at the stadium, and sent her on her way. 

“Have fun!” Andy called to her as she left. 

“Aaron will love this,” Danae said. 

“I know,” Andy agreed. 


Trixie sat in the back of the limo, shocked at the luxury that her employers were accustomed to, and she took it in. She was delivered to Kemp Memorial Stadium at the entrance and went directly to the ticket window, picked up her credentials and found her seat directly behind the team on the field level, where Andy could sit if he so chose. The stadium looked huge from ground level, and when Aaron and Wyatt led the team out, Aaron was pleasantly surprised to see her there.

Before the game began, he walked to where she sat. “Hi, Trix,” he greeted her. “Andy must have given you his seat?” 

She nodded. “This was all his idea. I’ve never been to a game before now. I’m always working during the games.” 

“Well, Trixiebean, you have the best seat in the house.” He winked at her. “Enjoy the show!”

Trixiebean? He has a nickname for me already? Trixie smiled and her heart fluttered in her chest. 

Wyatt noticed Trixie sitting in the VIP team area and chuckled. “You got it bad, Hall,” he teased.

“That wasn’t me, wiseguy. Murphy gave her his credentials to sit there. I don’t mind it, though. In fact, it’s rather nice having someone here to cheer for me for a change.”

“Yeah well, keep your eyes on the plays, not her. This game is crucial for the playoffs.” 

“You do your job, and I’ll do mine, thank you. Get out of here.” Aaron shooed Wyatt out onto the field.

Trixie watched the game with great amazement. She knew very little about the sport, only that Aaron was the head coach of the team and that they had a good record. Everything else was foreign to her. When it was halftime, Aaron followed the team into the locker room, but his mind was on the young lady behind the sidelines on the field. His pep talk was short, sweet and to the point, and he excused himself early and went back out to talk to Trixie.

“Hi Aaron,” she greeted him. “You’re doing a great job out there.”

Aaron kicked the ground and looked bashfully away from her. “That’s all the team. They are good at what they do.” 

“I don’t know much about the game, but I do know the coach is integral. Without you—”

“Nah, don’t believe a thing Andy tells you about that. I’m not as big a deal as you’d think.” 

“Now you’re just being modest,” she flirted. 

“Not really,” Aaron insisted. “I mean, I design the plays, but the real talent is out there making them work.”

“Yeah well, I think what you do is pretty awesome,” Trixie said, and then immediately blushed. 

Aaron was so taken with Trixie he didn’t notice the team had emerged from the locker room for the start of the second half. Avery walked to him. 

“Hey boss, it’s go time.” 

“Did Searcy send you over here?” 

“No, it really is the start of the game. We need you,” Avery said. 

“I guess that’s my cue. I’ll see you after the game, beautiful.” Aaron blew her a kiss and turned his attention to the game.

Trixie felt dizzy and awesome at the same time. He thinks I’m beautiful! He blew me a kiss! Suddenly, football was her new favorite thing.

At the end of the game, which the Sharks won handily, Aaron met Trixie right where she watched the game. She was still in awe of the whole experience, and then being with Aaron made it seem all the more incredible. He put his arm around her as they walked from the stadium. 


“Did you want to meet some of the guys? I know you already know Wyatt and Avery from yesterday. But Zach couldn’t make it, and Troy wasn’t there, either. Most of the other guys have already split.” 

“No, that’s okay. Not this time,” Trixie politely declined. 

“Do you have a ride home? You’re kinda on the way if you need a ride. I won’t mind at all.” 

“I can call for a ride, but I’ll take you up if you were serious about it,” she said shyly. 

Aaron smiled at her. “I really did mean it when I said you’re on the way. I’m only a few doors down from Danae and Andy.”

“Hmm,” Trixie thought. “I thought I knew all of the neighbors. I guess I missed one.”

“It’s because I’m married to my job,” Aaron confessed. “I have nothing to go home to these days except my puppy. I’m not even sure the puppy was a great idea, considering how much we travel.” 

Trixie was familiar with the concept of being married to one’s job. She was there herself. “I know the pain. A career is a lonely life partner when you long for personal touch.” 

“Well, I’ve had more than my share of broken relationships. After a while, I figured out that most of them were after my money. I don’t have time for gold diggers, Trixiebean. I don’t see you being such.” 

“I am self-sufficient right now. I have a cushy job, no rent, no real expenses, and no debt. Working for Danae and Andy has been rewarding.” But someday I want to raise my own family instead of someone else’s, she thought. Aaron stopped at his car door, opened it and helped her in. 

“I’m glad we see eye to eye on that, Trix. Money is a big obstacle in some relationships. I’m happy to see it won’t be in ours.”

She swallowed hard. “Ours?” 

“Our relationship, whatever that turns out to be. Trixie, I want to get to know you better. I’m kinda hoping you want the same of me, too.” 

“Aaron, I do. I just… I’ve never had anything work out that has gone quickly. I’m usually the first one to get attached, and then I just get the silent treatment. My track record is awful.” 

“I find you intriguing, Trixie. And I don’t believe your ‘awful track record’ has as much to say about you as it does the men who can’t be bothered to invest time and effort. I will be honest and upfront with you if I believe this isn’t worth pursuing. I wouldn’t want to be strung along, either, so I promise I won’t do that to you.” He took her hand and patted it. “I don’t see that being much of a problem, however. At least, not right now.”  

“Thanks, Aaron. I’ll promise you the same.”

Aaron parked his car just a few steps from the Murphy home and turned the engine off. They sat in awkward silence until Aaron spoke. “Are we still on for dinner tomorrow evening?”

Trixie nodded. “I would really like that, Aaron.” He reached for her to kiss her, and they both felt the chemistry between them. It was strong and undeniable. They pulled away from one another, breathless.

“I’ll call or text you with details for tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to our date, Trixie.” He caressed her cheek softly, took her hand and kissed it. 

“Good night, Aaron,” Trixie almost whispered, wishing that he would kiss her again. She opened the door, got out and leaned into the car. “I’ll be waiting for your call.” She blew him a kiss and turned from him, opened the gate and waved to him before he drove away.

She danced into the house, giddy and happy. The kids were sleeping and Danae and Andy were outside by the pool with their nightly glass of wine. She slipped out of her shoes, poured herself a glass of dry white wine and joined them on the patio.

“How was the game, Trix?” Andy asked. “Better yet, how were the seats?”

“Everything was amazing, thank you, Andy!” She wore the expression of new love, and it looked good on her.

Andy chuckled. “It was my pleasure. I’m trusting Aaron is treating you well? Let me know if he doesn’t, and I’ll straighten him up for you.”

“How have I never met him before now? I mean, I know who he is and all, but I don’t get it. You guys are best friends.” 

“I guess the timing has never been right before now,” Danae said. “He’s ripe for the picking. Since Wyatt and Raisa got married, he’s lost his buddy. Aaron needs someone in his life, and you danced into it at the perfect moment.” 

“He’s taking me to By The Sea tomorrow night. That’s a pretty fancy place, isn’t it?” Trixie asked.

“It is a five-star restaurant,” Andy answered. “He must really like you to take you there on a first date.”

Danae saw the look of uncertainty on Trixie’s face. “Don’t worry. I’m sure I have something that will fit you in my closet. My mama and nana had fantastic taste in dresses. I haven’t needed to buy new clothes in a long time.” She smiled at Andy. “And thanks to this guy, I won’t for a long time to come. You know everything he packed on that trip was brand new, save one outfit.”

“We can do that tomorrow. Should I go get a makeover? My hair styled? I’m so nervous!”

“You don’t have to worry about Aaron, Trix. Just be yourself. That’s all he’s interested in with you. Trust me.” Andy tried to set her mind at ease. “Now, if you ladies will excuse me, I have to work in the morning. Vacation is officially over.”

Danae looked at him longingly. “I’ll be in soon. Don’t fall asleep without me.” 

Trixie noticed the glaringly suggestive glances they exchanged and excused herself for the night. Andy stood and waited for Danae to finish her glass of wine, took her hand and led his beautiful wife to their bedroom, locking the door behind them.

Up Next: Chapter Twenty Nine, Generation Five

Pose Credits:

Various poses by Bee at Poses By Bee
Various poses by Spladoum at Mod The Sims
Wedding 1,2 &3 by Kiddo at Kiddo’s Dreams
Moondance by Lenina90 at The Sims 3 Planet

If you would like links to specific poses, drop me a note, and I’ll be happy to provide the links.

Custom Content:

Around The Sims 3 for the lovely chapel items, wedding decor, and sports tickets
Severinka at The Sims Resource for the Christmas decor
Danae’s hair by Peggy (link unavailable)
Andy’s hair available via The Sims 3 Store
Danae, Darcey and Trixie’s dresses available from The Sims Resource
Andy’s tux from The Sims Resource
Menswear from The Sims 3 Store
Photos at the wedding venue are mine, available for download here.

Again, if you see something specific in screenshots and you’d like to know where I got it, I’ll be happy to provide links.

If you haven’t had the chance to see it, take a look at the Generation Five feature video on the Facebook page

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