G3 Chapter Six – The Wedding

The wedding took eight months to plan. Everything had to be perfect because Bella figured she was going to be married just once. She tried every gown in Starlight Shores when she found the dress. It was hidden in the back of the rack in a small boutique just off the strip. She and Rog would be married in the little chapel on Foothill Drive near the family home. Rog had already left Verde Park and began looking for a new career in medicine. He knew in his heart that show business was never meant for him.

The wedding was planned for the last weekend in summer before the weather turned cold and snow started to fall. A new resort had opened in the eastern hills that was highly anticipated as the place to vacation within the city. Bella had booked a honeymoon suite for two nights after the wedding.

Rog’s “prop friends” around town threw a huge bachelor party for him at the Brotherhood Hall. His best man, Darren Lott, had been a proprietor for years before he retired.

He began to move his belongings from the house he shared with his long-time roommate, Kristen, two weeks before the wedding. It didn’t take long for the one-bedroom bungalow to fill up with boxes. Bella had planned on taking a few days off before the wedding to move furniture between the two houses. She had enlisted the help of a friend to do most of the heavy lifting for her.

The night before the wedding, Rog slept at the bungalow in his usual stay-over spot. He was the first to wake and he cleaned up the sheets, blanket, and pillow from the sofa before Bella was up. After getting the laundry into the washer, he started a pot of coffee and a batch of banana pancakes since he knew she loved them. The aroma of coffee roused her from sleep and she stumbled out into the living room from the bedroom.

“Good morning, Bride To Be!” Rog was truly happier than he could remember.

“Ugh, Rog,” Bella grumbled. “You’re way too perky even if it is our wedding day.”

He poured a cup of coffee for her and guided her to the table on the patio. Before she sat down he pulled her close for a kiss and said to her, “Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.” Bella wrinkled her nose.

“That is so trite!” she snickered.

“But it’s so true!” He went back inside to grab his coffee and breakfast for both of them. Even the birds sounded happier to him that morning. They ate breakfast without much chatter, just enjoying the cool morning and the fresh air.

The wedding was supposed to start at noon so Bella left home for the chapel at nine o’clock. Her wedding clothes were already at the church but she needed to get some last-minute decorations finished and get the buffet tables ready. Rog finished cleaning up after breakfast and made his way to the church at around eleven o’clock.

Bella stayed inside the bride room until 11:30 and when she looked out into the crowd of people she saw two familiar faces she thought she would never see again. Bree and Bianca drove three days from Appaloosa Plains for the wedding. She was so excited that she couldn’t contain her joy, and peeked her head out from the room. They spotted her and ran to her for hugs and kisses.

“I can’t believe you made it!” Bella hugged each of them repeatedly.

“Well, you did invite us,” Bianca stated. Bella and Bree looked at each other and laughed.

“It’s so good to see you, Bella,” Bree said. “You look beautiful, just like Mama.”

“There is so much I want to tell you guys!  How long are you in town?”

“Unfortunately, we have to leave in the morning. Bianca has an exhibition at the museum starting on Wednesday, and she really needs to be home for it.” Bree couldn’t stop staring at Bella. She looked hauntingly like Destiny.

Suddenly, she noticed Rog standing at the front of the chapel looking back toward the bride’s room. Oh, shoot! She thought. He’s waiting for me!  He looked so handsome in his black tux. She picked up her small bouquet of flowers as her sisters made their way to sit down. The music began, and she began her walk down the aisle. Rog was floored at how beautiful she looked. Her red hair was pulled up, and a veil was attached just under the ponytail. Her lavender eyes sparkled in the candlelight, and the diamonds in her necklace shimmered.

Under the arch, they exchanged vows and rings and when the pastor pronounced them husband and wife, she turned around and threw her bouquet of flowers. One of her colleagues caught it. Next, it was time to cut the cake and feed each other a piece.  Rog was surprisingly disciplined and resisted every urge to smoosh cake in her face. Bella, on the other hand, did not, but then took time to kiss away every bit of frosting. Rog was pretty sure he didn’t mind.

The music changed from classical to rock after dinner was finished. The couple danced together until well after every guest had left the party, oblivious to everyone except each other. They had a room reserved at the resort so they left in their rented limousine. Rog popped open a bottle of sparkling wine on the long ride to the resort. It was late when they checked in and he carried her across the threshold of the suite. She laughed like a little girl as he dropped her on the bed still dressed in her gown. The room had just a bed and television, a small bathroom and a patio but it felt like paradise.

After they settled down into bed for the evening, Bella noticed that Rog looked a bit worried. “Is something bothering you, my love?”

“Bella, I need to confess something.”

Her heart sank. “Okay. Whatever it is, it will be fine. I promise.”

“Darling,” he said, blushing. “Never have I ever.”

“Never have you ever, what?” she replied. Rog blushed again. “Oh…” she said, understanding what he meant. “Well, I guess we’re not going to be able to say that after tonight,” Bella said as she turned off the light.

She woke the following morning with Rog by her side for the first time and smiled. It was chilly outside and she didn’t want to disturb him so she snuggled up to him instead of getting up. She lay in bed for a while and watched him sleep. She occasionally ran her fingers through his curly black hair, she never thought she could love someone so deeply and completely as she did Rog. About an hour later Rog stirred but couldn’t move with her wrapped around him. Sleepily he shifted and saw Bella smiling at him.

“Good morning, wifey,” he said and yawned. “Did you sleep well?”

“I did, hubby.” Bella loved being his wife. She snuggled up close to him again and kissed his shoulder. “How did you sleep?”

“Like a baby.” Rog wiggled away from her and sat up. “As much as I hate to move, darling, I need to pee.”

Bella chuckled. “I know the feeling.”

They both showered and got dressed and went to an all-you-can-eat buffet at the resort. The day was beginning to warm a little so they both grabbed their bathing suits and lounged at the big, beautiful pool. Rog brought a book to read but Bella was catching the last of summer’s rays. After a while she got a bit warm, so she folded her towel over a chair and jumped into the pool feet first. Rog looked up from reading and saw her floating in the pool and decided to join her. Together they swam up to the in-pool bar and ordered the daily special cocktail.

“I wish this could be our everyday lives, Bella,” Rog said as he finished the last sip of drink. “No worries, no work. Just lazy by the pool so I can watch you in that bikini.”

Bella smiled. “Well, the bikini you can see every day. But my inheritance will only go so far. Eventually, we have to work.”

“That reminds me,” Rog said. “Have you gotten any of the settlement from the Bests yet?”

“Nope, not a penny.”

“Have you mentioned it to Hal?” Rog frowned. It wasn’t that they needed the money. But it was court-ordered and still no action.

“I have been meaning to call him but I have a feeling he’s on it.” Bella jumped out of the pool and dried her hair with the towel. “I don’t want to see them ruined.”

“It was their own choice, Bell. Remember that.” Rog’s arms were covered in chill bumps, and he started to shiver.

“Let’s get you inside.” Bella took his hand and led him back to their suite.

After dinner at the resort, they decided to go dancing at The Grind until the place closed at four in the morning. While waiting for the taxi to pick them up they sat on the lawn near the club and gazed at what was left of the early morning stars.

When they awakened they checked out of the resort and headed to the bungalow. Bella already had boxes mostly filled with things she had brought from the other house. She wasn’t planning on selling the bungalow just yet so she wasn’t too careful about picking things up for this trip. Rog had never seen the family house.

“This is where you grew up?” he asked, his jaw agape.

“Yes, sir!” Bella gathered a box of photos and Rog took a few of Destiny’s paintings. “I couldn’t bear to sell it.”

“I can see why!” Rog gazed at the furniture covered in plastic, a thin layer of dust covered the counters and dining room table. “It doesn’t look lived in, though.”

“Well, we’re going to change that!” Bella set her box down and grabbed the plastic from a loveseat. She took a seat and patted the cushion next to her. “Check out the view from here.”

Outside was the pool, which had a walkway that spanned the middle. On the other side were lounge chairs, a grill and a table with chairs. Beyond the fence were the foothills of the mountain range that ran from Starlight Shores to Riverview to the south, and up to Dragon Valley to the north. The hills were dotted with deciduous trees that were just beginning to turn color. Wildflowers painted the ground in vivid hues of blues, yellows, and purples. She took his hand and led him to the roof and from the balcony, he was able to see every square foot of Starlight Shores. The strip, the Binder Clips Center, the Hoi Polloi, and even the high school were visible from the house.

“I had no idea this was so idyllic, Bella. What a treasure of a home.” Rog walked around the balcony taking in the scenery. He was an almost lifetime resident of the Shores, and he’d never seen it like this.

She walked up behind him and hugged him. “And now, it’s your home, too.”

Up Next: Chapter Seven, Generation Three

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