The Story Continues…

Well, you have made it this far, and the Prologue has come to its conclusion. Charlie and Frannie’s story will continue in their new home, gifted to them by Penny. At Charlie’s insistence, Penny lives with the newlyweds and at her insistence occupies the smaller bedroom where Fran grew up. The rest of the story continues where the Prologue left off, the day after the wedding.

The Legacy Challenge, with its rules and score keeping, will not be followed strictly. Rather, because my founders are beginning life with a mother in law living with them, and because the game is already acting wonky and staying in one property for the duration of the challenge is likely not possible.

Though I am trying to stay as close as possible to actual in-game events, I am going to use some creative license, telling the story with some embellishments as I think would benefit the storytelling.

I hope you have enjoyed the story so far, and stay tuned for the continuing story of Charlie and Frannie.

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