Welcome to my Sims 3 Story Blog! Here, you will find the trials, tribulations and romance of (eventually) ten generations of the Farmer women, beginning with Frannie Farmer and her doting husband, Charlie. In a brand new format, you will find every chapter published (and those that are anticipated or coming soon!) listed below in recommended reading order (not necessarily chronological.)

I present, my Farmer Family Legacy stories!


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The Prologue

The Farmer Legacy – The Prologue

Generation One

Generation One – Chapter One
Generation One – Chapter Two
Generation One – Chapter Three
Generation One – Chapter Four
Generation One – Chapter Five
Generation One – Chapter Six
Generation One – Chapter Seven
Generation One – Chapter Eight
Generation One – Chapter Nine
Generation One – Chapter Ten

Generation Two

Generation Two – Chapter One
Generation Two – Chapter Two
Generation Two – Chapter Three
Generation Two – Chapter Four
Generation Two – Chapter Five
Generation Two – Chapter Six
Generation Two – Chapter Seven
Generation Two – Chapter Eight
Generation Two – Chapter Nine
Generation Two – Chapter Ten

Generation Three

Bree-Ann Atwood
Isabella “Bella” Atwood
Bianca Atwood

Generation Three – Chapter One
Generation Three – Chapter Two
Generation Three – Chapter Three
Generation Three – Chapter Four
Generation Three – Chapter Five
Generation Three – Chapter Six
Generation Three – Chapter Seven
Generation Three – Chapter Eight
Generation Three – Chapter Nine
Generation Three – Chapter Ten
Generation Three – Chapter Eleven
Generation Three – Chapter Twelve
Generation Three – Chapter Thirteen
Generation Three – Chapter Fourteen
Generation Three – Chapter Fifteen
Generation Three – Chapter Sixteen
Generation Three – Chapter Seventeen
Generation Three – Chapter Eighteen
Generation Three – Chapter Nineteen
Generation Three – Chapter Twenty

Generation Four

Charlotte Destiny St John
Christopher Arthur St John
Travis Richard Jones

Generation Four – Chapter One
Generation Four – Chapter Two
Generation Four – Chapter Three
Generation Four – Chapter Four
Generation Four – Chapter 4.1
Generation Four – Chapter Five
Generation Four – Chapter Six
Generation Four – Chapter Seven
Generation Four – Chapter Eight
Generation Four – Chapter Nine
Generation Four – Chapter Ten
Generation Four – Chapter Eleven
Generation Four – Chapter Twelve
Generation Four – Chapter Thirteen
Generation Four – Chapter Fourteen, Part One
Generation Four – Chapter Fourteen, Part Two
Generation Four – Chapter Fourteen, Part Three
Generation Four – Chapter Fifteen
Generation Four – Chapter Sixteen
Generation Four – Chapter Seventeen
Generation Four – Chapter Eighteen
Generation Four – Chapter Nineteen
Generation Four – Chapter Twenty
Generation Four – Chapter Twenty One
Generation Four – Chapter Twenty Two
Generation Four – Chapter Twenty Three
Generation Four – Chapter Twenty Four
Generation Four – Chapter Twenty Five

Generation Five

Darcey Isabella & Danae Elizabeth Jones
Devin Rogelio Jones
Clinton Adam Scroggins
Anduin Rowan Murphy

Generation Five – Chapter One
Generation Five – Chapter Two
Generation Five – Chapter Three
Generation Five – Chapter Four
Generation Five – Chapter Five
Generation Five – Chapter Six
Generation Five – Chapter Seven
Generation Five – Chapter Eight
Generation Five – Chapter Nine
Generation Five – Chapter Ten
Generation Five – Chapter Eleven
Generation Five – Chapter Twelve
Generation Five – Chapter Thirteen
Generation Five – Chapter Fourteen
Generation Five – Chapter Fifteen
Generation Five – Chapter Sixteen
Generation Five – Chapter Seventeen
Generation Five – Chapter Eighteen
Generation Five – Chapter Nineteen
Generation Five – Chapter Twenty
Generation Five – Chapter Twenty One
Generation Five – Chapter Twenty Two
Generation Five – Chapter Twenty Three
Generation Five – Chapter Twenty Four
Generation Five – Chapter Twenty Five